Do you want to awaken your Kundalini ?

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What is kundalini; 

 Its the most important concept in SHAIVA  TANTRA  meaning ” coiled snake”. Which states that it is the divine energy present at the base of the spine ( at MULADHARA chakra ) , with which we are born with . 

  Initially people were not aware with this deep  knowledge of kundalini but  now due to increased  availability of text on the internet people get easy access to the knowledge in this text . I will simplify the basics of KUNDALINI and how to approach it with all its aspects .

Kundalini signifies the dormant energy which lies in the base of the spine and can only be triggered or aroused up to the head by doing  YOGA & MEDITATION  in a specified way .

The main purpose of awakening of KUNDALINI is to promote spiritual enlightenment & health .There are several science based benefits of Kundalini Yoga . According to research ,it may help in

1. Easing the stress and anxiety .

2. Improves Cognitive functioning .

3. Boost self perception and self appreciation.

4. Maintaining  Cardiovascular health .

5. Balancing Doshas (Vat, Pit, Cough) .

6. Easing pregnancy & Preparing the mother for the labour .

How to do the kundalini Meditation;  

1. Dress Comfortably;  Wear light clothes , it’s better to take bath before doing the  meditation.

 2. Meditative Mindset Always before starting meditation try to relax with the thought process of being in the meditation

.3.Focus on Chakra’s; Start from focusing on the Muladhara chakra , and ascend to all the chakra’s upward

.4.Timing of Focus; Focus on all the Chakra’s for 3-5 minutes

.5.How to focus; Try to focus on the breathe i.e how air is going in the nostril’s and going out of the nostril’s  along with the Chakra’s and if attention wanders  just try to focus on breadth only

.6.End of session;  End the session by focusing  last on the Crown Chakra’s whole session will last for about 20 minutes.

Kundalini and its awakening;

When the dormant energy flows freely upwards through the 7 chakras’ and lead to an expanded state of  consciousness is known as Kundalini awakening . Its is achieved with Meditation , Pranayama ,Yoga & Prayers. And after following Practice consistently for years.

1. Ashtanga yoga 

2. Hatha yoga 

3.Chakra meditation 

4. Mudra practice

After effects  of Kundalini; Wonderful tool for healing , once the kundalini awakens life will never be the same . Some benefits are as follow;

1. Feeling of Blissfulness

2. Increased Creativity

3. Heightened awareness of intuition 

4. Increased Focus

Few signs of Awakening of  kundalini;  The person will have the sense of purpose and increased  will towards creating his own destiny, increased urge to have life changes , increased surges of all energy in the body . Few signs are listed below ;

1. Sense of achievement of resounded peace.

2. Immense love and compassion.

3. Stillness in mind and  persona

4. Will not be affected with the ongoing life tough incidents

5. Past trauma will not nag you much.

6. Increased insight in the present life , also  past life.

7. Increased sense of creativity in all the aspects whether personal or professional.

8.Increased in empathy

Danger’s to be taken care off; 

1. Dizziness can be felt sometimes after achieving some depth of meditation . So don’t try to stand suddenly after completing meditation.

2. Always consume plenty of water before and after meditation .

3. Don’t overdue , always do it for the fixed timing and short duration of 20 -30 minutes daily.


Meditation is the magic pill which on continuous practice will open the doors to millennial of the individual personality , so its must do thing to embrace the magnificent things which we are made up of .

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